Iranol Super Ronia Iranol Super Ronia

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Iranol Super Ronia, by using fully synthetic base oil and quality additives is produced to be used throughout all seasons and climate conditions in Iran

  • RN0700 &RN0710 Approved RENAULT
  • A3/B4-12ACEA
  • 17651ISIRI

High cleaning power, preventing formation of residue and smudge through advanced formulation and using special additives which increase engine life

Excellent lubrication and protection against erosion under difficult driving conditions

Great heat stability and high anti oxidation

Significant decrease of fuel consumption

High control over the emission of pollutants and protection of catalysts.

High fluidity in low temperatures when starting the engine or driving in cold climates

Good for various models of Porsche and all models of Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW and other post-2010 models