Iranol Euro Diesel Iranol Euro Diesel

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Iranol Euro Diesel is made by using fully synthetic base oil and quality additives to be used in heavy diesel engines according to Euro 5 pollution level standard and lower in blue for all seasons and climate conditions in Iran

  • API  CI-4/CH-4/SL
  • ACEA  E7-08
  • ISIRI 13381

ACEA:E7 standard (European Car Manufacturers Association) and API CI-4 for heavy diesel engines

High performance in engines equipped with EGR and SCR technology for reduction of special pollutants

Excellent anti oxidation and heat stability

Great power to remove smudge to decrease the residue caused by combustion and oxidation

Anti-abrasion materials to control engine parts erosion

Neutralizing power over acids caused by oxidation and combustion to prevent engine parts corrosion

Good for heavy and modern diesel vehicles such as various types of buses, trucks, pullers and Kei trucks with Euro 5 pollution standard or lower