Iranol Super Royal Super Royal

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Iranol Super Royal, by using fully synthetic base oil and quality additives, is produced to be used throughout all seasons and climate conditions in Iran

  • A3/B3-04, A3/B4-04 , A5/B5-04, C3-12ACEA
  • p229.31, p229.51MB
  • 502.00/505.00VW
  • Longlife-04BMW
  • Porsche
  • 11378-13383ISIRI

Excellent heat stability and high anti oxidation

Great cleaning power, preventing formation of residue and damaging compounds caused by combustion and oxidation

Anti erosion power to control engine parts corrosion

Neutralizing power over acids caused by oxidation and combustion to prevent engine parts corrosion

Increasing engine life and power on an excellent level

Lubrication of parts on low temperature when starting

Maintaining oil viscosity throughout the entire consumption period

Excellent power to remove extra heat from the engine to protect the metallurgical structure of parts

Decreased oil consumption and cost