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IRANOL ATF-II manufactured from excellent solvent refined and fully hydro finished paraffinic base oil, specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirements of specific automatic transmission units. It’s based on proven additives, to provide long term production in units requiring a non-friction and anti-oxidation modified type fluid.

  • Dexron IIDGM
  • MerconFord
  • C-4Allison
  • TO-2Caterpillar
  • 5814ISIRI
  • .Specially formulated for automatic transmissions.
  • .Good oxidation and thermal stability.
  • .Long oil life, protection against corrosion deposits.
  • .Anti-wear characteristics and gear protection.
  • .Low temperature performance leads to lubrication during start-up at low temperature.
  • Anti-foam characteristics ensure good frictional performance under all operation conditions..
  • Good material compatibility with seal transmission type IID which controls oil leakage..