IRANOL 16000 IRANOL 16000

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IRANOL 16000 is manufactured based on a blend of high quality, high viscosity index, hydro finished mineral base oil and specially high technology additives to provide ultimate performance and protection in today’s passenger car and diesel engines.

  • 229.1MB
  • A3-02 , B3-98ACEA
  • 500 /501/505VW
  • 9186ISIRI
  • .Superior thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • .Engine cleanliness and low combustion residues.
  • .Anti-wear protection provides engine wearing control.
  • .Neutralizing generated acidic components through combustion and oxidation.
  • . Superior Engine protection under all weather condition.
  • .Superior engine life and engine power.
  • .Superior lubrication ability at low temperature start-up.
  • .Superior shear stability leads to viscosity retention at all operating¬ temperature.
  • .Superior engine heat removal to preserve engine metallurgical structure of engine tools.
  • .Superior Oil consumption control and reduced costs.