IRANOL D-7000 D-7000

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IRANOL D-7000 diesel engine oil, manufactured from high quality paraffinic mineral base oil and selected additive package .This product has high T.B.N value to provide excellent neutralization of acidic products.

  • 2104DMIL-L
  • C-3Allison
  • TO-2Caterpillar
  • 6279ISIRI
  • .High performance diesel engine oil.
  • .Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion ability (Extended engine life).
  • .High detergency and dispersancy lead to sludge and varnish engine protection and a clean – run operation.
  • .High alkalinity to neutralize the acidic products of fuel combustion and ultimately extended oil life time.
  • .Outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • .Minimizing fuel and oil consumption.