IRANOL D-40,000 PLUS D-40000 PLUS

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IRANOL D-40,000 plus is produced with Full–synthetic base oil and specially developed additives to minimizing sulphated ash, sulphur, phosphorus and zinc of lubricant for modern passenger car diesel engines.

  • M3277 MAN
  • VDS-3Volvo
  • P228.5 , p235.27MB
  • E4-08 , E7-08ACEA
  • LDF-3Scania
  • .Advanced performance diesel engine oil.
  • .Engine protection under all weather conditions.
  • .Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion characteristics.
  • .Excellent detergency and dispersancy tend to reduced soot and deposit contents.
  • .High alkalinity to neutralize the acidic products of fuel combustion and ultimately extended oil life time.
  • .Outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • . Bearing lubrication ability at low temperature start-up and minimizing deposit formation at low temperature especially during short distances driving.
  • .Viscosity protection at high operation temperature.
  • .Suitable for all weather condition.
  • .Minimizing fuel consumption.