D-17000 plus D-17000 plus

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IRANOL D-17000 PLUS is designed for heavy duty diesel engines, based on a blend of high quality, high viscosity index, hydro finished paraffinic mineral oils and an advanced additive package.

  • CH-4API
  • VDS-2Volvo
  • 11380 ISIRI
  • Excellent anti-wear and anti-corrosion characteristics.
  • Excellent detergency and dispersancy.
  • High alkalinity to neutralize the acidic products of fuel combustion and ultimately extended oil life time.
  • Outstanding thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Improved low temperature start-up lubrication and minimizing deposit formation at low
  • temperature especially during short distances driving.
  • Viscosity protection at high operation temperature.
  • Suitable for all weather condition.
  • Minimizing fuel consumption.